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ioXt Alliance Policy Statement. Thank you for your participation in the ioXt Alliance as a Public Member. The purpose of the ioXt Alliance is to develop and advance security practices for the Internet of Things (IoT) that the ioXt Alliance and its members will eventually promote publicly (the “Mission”). As a Public Member of the ioXt Alliance with access to the Public Member Shared Documents, you agree and acknowledge that: • You have a license to access and use the content in the Public Member Shared Documents for purposes of developing and advancing the Mission. • You will be an active participant in ioXt Alliance meetings, discussions, and deliberations, and you may contribute content to the Public Member Shared Documents. You have a right to contribute the content you wish to upload to the Public Member Shared Documents, but you will not contribute any lewd, inappropriate, or illegal content to the Public Member Shared Documents. • Unless otherwise agreed to by the ioXt Alliance members, all discussions and deliberations, including any polling results, among ioXt Alliance members regarding the Mission, and any content in the Public Member Shared Documents, are to be treated as confidential. • The ioXt Alliance may poll ioXt Alliance members in connection with the discussions, deliberations, and advancement of the Mission. Each ioXt Alliance member’s individual votes and preferences will remain confidential to that ioXt Alliance member, and the aggregated results from any polls will be shared with all of the members of the ioXt Alliance. • Statements or works published or released to the public that name specific ioXt Alliance members must be approved by each of the ioXt Alliance members named in the published or released statement or work.