Summer 2019 ioXt Hardware Security Conference & Training

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In line with its commitment to help secure the internet of things, the ioXt Alliance is proud to sponsor and participate in the first U.S. “Hardware Security Conference & Training.” The annual event, hosted by, will take place June 11-14, 2019 at the Biltmore Hotel and Suites in Santa Clara, California. Previously held in the Netherlands or Berlin since 2015, this fifth year marks the first time will be holding its highly informative event in the United States. 

The security conference provides the hardware and security community a platform to discuss and solve issues around hardware security. It focuses on key concerns in hardware, firmware, and related protocols. Researchers showcase and present their innovative work on attacking and defending hardware. 

For “Hardware Security Conference & Training, USA 2019,” training will be on the first two days of the event, June 11 – 12, and cover:

  • Attacking ARM TrustZone

  • IC Reverse Engineering & Embedded Code Extraction Techniques

  • TEE Offensive Core

  • Embedded Security for Automotive - Red Team Edition

  • Low-Level Hardware Reversing

The conference will run on the second two days, June 13 – 14. Hardware hacker Christopher Tarnovsky will be the keynote speaker. Conference talks will be given by hacker Chris Gerlinsky, product security consultant Cristofaro Mune, Google hardware engineer Eric Schlaepfer, and Riscure North America CTO Jasper van Woudenberg, among others. Workshops will be conducted by other prominent researchers, hackers, and experts from the security field. A CXO panel will feature speakers from Google Nest, SmartThings, Intel, Square, NCC Group, and the ACLU. Plus, there will be a hardware CTF, a hacking contest, and volunteer opportunities for those who want to immerse themselves in a great learning experience.  

For more information and to register, please visit

Come learn, share, and network with a great group of security-minded people. We look forward to seeing you at “Hardware Security Conference & Training, USA 2019”!